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When you push on the scroll wheel, a series dialogue functions will pop-up as shown below. Their functions are divided into memorex rf7000 parts: 7. Page Using The Mouse 8.

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Turn the mouse over and locate the ID button on the left side of the mouse near the battery compartment. If the ID button is pressed more than once time during the mouse setup step memorex rf7000you must start over with step 5 and set the receiver ID. You do not need to reset the keyboard ID.

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To quickly verify that your new keyboard and mouse are properly synchronized, depress a key or two on your keyboard. If the LED on the Receiver blinks steadily, then it has made the connection. For the mouse, simply move it around on a flat surface and click a button or two. If the LED on the receiver blinks steadily, then the mouse has made the memorex rf7000 as well.

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Now both the keyboard and memorex rf7000 should be communicating properly. If they do not seem to work please check for proper installation of the batteries and repeat the steps again.


After you have verified that both your keyboard and mouse are functioning properly, you should shut down your computer and remove memorex rf7000 previous keyboard and mouse. You must follow the procedure above to set the ID of the receiver, keyboard and mouse.


Once the receiver ID button is pressed you have 30 seconds to complete memorex rf7000 entire process, or you will need to begin again. This kit is intended for use with the English language and the operating system and applications should be English versions for proper support The "Un-mark" function cannot be released: Press on the mark key once and use the up, down, right and left direction keys to select items. The ESC key or any other keys except the mark, up, down, right, left, home, end, page up memorex rf7000 page down key will release the mark function.

The functions of the enhanced Office keys do not match the memorex rf7000 printed name or do not work: All enhanced office function keys follow the definitions of the standard Microsoft shortcut combination keys. They do not need any support from the KeyMaestro software driver Windows 98SE requires the software for some functions. In few cases, when you press the target enhanced office keys, they do not work or have different results.

This means the applications do not support the definitions of the standard Microsoft shortcut combination keys, and the target functions or the software applications conflict with the definitions. Software that has been partially installed or that has been damaged could have this problem as well.Find helpful memorex rf7000 reviews and review ratings for Memorex RF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo at Read honest and unbiased. Memorex RF User`s guide. USER'S GUIDE RF VERSION Wireless EZ Touch Keyboard & Optical Mouse Keyboard & Optical Mouse IMPORTANT.

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