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When calling SQLFetchScroll, the application may specify any valid value of FetchOrientation, achieving cursor positioning in modes other than the sequential mode. An application can read back the value of this attribute to obtain its initial state or its state as most recently set by the application.

Cursors on the statement handle may make visible c mysql odbc 3.51, some, or all such changes. Insensitive cursors are read-only. This corresponds to a static cursor, which has a concurrency that is read-only. This attribute cannot be specified after the SQL statement has been prepared. Driver does support only forward-only and static cursor types.


As driver does not support keyset-driven cursors, this attribute is ignored. If ValuePtr is 0 the defaultthe driver attempts to return all available data.


The case is not significant. The case is significant.

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They can either contain a string search pattern or not, depending on the argument. Instead, the driver c mysql odbc 3.51 the statement directly to the data source. Not supported by the driver. To select row-wise binding, this field is set to the length of the structure or an instance of a buffer that will be bound to a set of dynamic parameters. This length must include space for all of the bound parameters and any padding of the structure or buffer to ensure that when the address of a bound parameter is incremented with the specified length, the result will point to the beginning of the same parameter in the next set of parameters.

This statement attribute can be set to a null pointer, in which case the driver does not return parameter status values. C mysql odbc 3.51 error information is available in the diagnostics data structure. Note that setting this attribute can affect the output parameter behavior implemented by the driver.

No number will be returned if this is a null pointer. If ValuePtr is equal to 0 defaultthere is no timeout.

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Driver supports only the default value. It is also the number of rows in a bookmark array used in a bulk bookmark operation in SQLBulkOperations. The default value is 1. Row-wise binding is selected by setting the value to the length of a structure or an instance of a buffer into c mysql odbc 3.51 result columns will be bound. If the number of the current row cannot be determined or there c mysql odbc 3.51 no current row, the driver returns 0. This statement attribute can be set to a null pointer, in which case the driver does not return row status values. This attribute can be set at any time, but the new value is not used until the next time SQLSetPos is called.

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The array has as many elements as there are rows in the rowset. This represents a burden on the developer, and there is the possibility for security issues to creep into the developed code. However, ASP. This system is designed around the concept of Membership, Profile and Role Providers, which together provide all of the functionality to implement a user system, that previously would have to have been created by c mysql odbc 3.51 developer from scratch. This tutorial shows you how to set up your ASP.MySQL Connector/ODBC (Archived Versions). Please note that these are old versions. New releases will have recent bug fixes and features! To download the.

Connector/ODBC is a standardized database driver for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and , MD5.

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